What is Healiom?

Healiom is an end-to-end clinical workflow platform that is designed to increase the breadth of care a clinic can take on, expand the capacity of a practice, and improve efficiency. Healiom is comprised of tools dedicated to making patient intake, triaging, consultation, and post-consult logistics as seamless and easy as possible. Ultimately, Healiom exists to scale medical capacity so care and caring are easy and instant.

Who is Healiom designed for?

For urgent care clinics, ERs, & small-midsize orgs, Healiom is a full drop-in solution, including malpractice, prescribing, lab ordering, and credentialing, accessible in 3 steps: download, register, & start. For health systems, plans, and tech orgs, Healiom's genAI & marketplace flex-agent platform is available as UX components and APIs.

How can I use Healiom?

Healiom is accessible in two ways. First, Healiom is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Clinics will be able to download and install Healiom on their systems for their providers and patients to use on-site. Second, for health systems, APIs and UI components are ready for integrations and whitelabeling.

As a provider, what do I need to do to use Healiom?

All you need to use Healiom is a functional tablet or smartphone. We will have an onboarding process for new clinics and practices and figure out all of the integration components for you so that Healiom is fully connected to your systems. Healiom does all of the heavy lifting for you!

What does the patient need to do in order to use Healiom?

At the clinic, the patient needs to be handed a tablet or smartphone with Healiom installed to self-serve registration, intake, and triaging. Afterwards, the patient will hand the tablet or smartphone back to the clinic's administrator or provider and continue the consultation with the physician. In addition, patients are able to download Healiom to their own devices to access providers of a clinic of health system.

As a provider, how much does Healiom cost me to use?

If you are interested in pricing, please submit a demo request here (hyperlink the link to the Request Demo form).

How accurate are the vital capture and intake tools?

Healiom's generative AI system has been clinically tested and proven. In the vast majority of cases, our vitals monitoring system captures heart rate within +/- 3 bpm, respiration +/- 3 RPM, Spo2: +/- 3%, and heart rate variability within +/- 22.09ms and its peak detection accuracy is 95%. For our intake process, initial validations were conducted through a 10K patient real-world study, in which providers selected one of our top 5 AI-suggested diagnoses 94% of the time and agreed with the recommended ESI agreement over 98% across all cases. Please contact us through our demo request form (hyperlink the link to the Request Demo form) if you'd like to learn more about our capabilities.

How quickly does Healiom create my SOAP note?

Healiom creates a summarized SOAP note, a full transcription of the encounter, and the recording in a matter of minutes! Furthermore, we make sure the SOAP note is passed back to your clinic's EHR system for true continuity of care and data.

How do post-consult logistics—prescriptions, lab work, and billing—work?

Once the SOAP note is created and the diagnosis and treatments are validated, Healiom handles the delivery of prescriptions, lab work, and billing within the platform. We take note of the patient's preferences for medication pick-ups and lab work and send those follow-up requests to locations of the patient's choice. Our payment options are flexible, in that we provide patients the ability to pay with their insurance, credit/cash, or a combination of the two.

Who can I reach out to for help?

For assistance, please send a note to support@healiom.com.